Saturday, March 15, 2014

Employment Compensation

Words are funny, especially the way people use them. Why does Worker Compensation only apply to paying the bills when you get hurt doing your job, but Employee Compensation refers to the salary and benefits, especially when hiring and firing? I was thinking about the fact that my house is cluttered, my yard is full of leaves, and whether either of those things is a indicator of depression. And I still think the answer is "no" because, while those two facts are completely true, I choose to do other things rather than attend to them. Why? Because I am not appropriately compensated for the work that either requires. If I were paid to rake someone else's leaves, I would get minimum wage. $7.50 and hour! How much do you think I get for raking my own? Is it any wonder why I don't get right on it? I know that there is more than money involved...I could get personal satisfaction, house-pride, compliments from family and neighbors as payment. They don't pay very well, in my opinion - I simply don't give a shit. I could also get removal of negative stimuli as payment, such as: not getting nagged by neighbors (Bea, you bitch!), not getting code-enforcement called on me, not getting child-protective-services called on me, not getting nagged by family. I have to say, those payments are harder to ignore, and they tend to work on me. But it does NOT make me a happy employee. I do wish people would shit in their own back yard, and leave me alone. HAR! Leaf me alone! And, if I were making my full salary snd benefits at my old job, and DH was fully employed, you can bet your biscuits that I would hire someone to do this shit work for me, and pay them minimum wage. I am not a freak. I am not a moron. I just know whether I am getting paid in some way or not for all the jobs I do. And a lot of jobs I do right now do not pay well. And I don't do the jobs that don't pay at all. That just means I am smart. And I don't Should on myself. Don't Sh-d yourself, people, set yourselves free! Pay yourself appropriately.