Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I know, its been a while

since my last post.

Lots of computer issues, and lots of personal issues confounding each other.
On the computer front, I finally (last night) finished copying all the pictures off the old hard disk and putting them on the current one. Also all the music - most of which, I don't actually listen to that often, so why copy it? Its that waste not, want not principle. Maybe I will need a copy of "Back in Black" in the future, and I don't actually have the cd, and I don't want to spend the buck at iTunes if I already have an MP3. So I copied it all over.
The old hard disk had some spots that it just refused to work, and they were always the same spots, so I am hoping that the hard disk is salvageable. I took great pleasure in Formatting it. Its like erasing a mind that you had trouble dealing with, erasing a personality, even.
There have been a couple things I have yet to reload, and some I am considering not reloading at all until necessary.
The downside is that since I copied over everything I wanted, my new hard disk, boot up, etc is slowwwwwwwwww. And that is with 2 gigs of RAM instead of one. So I am trying to figure out which programs are running and sucking up computing power that don't need to be. It is difficult, because the more stuff you add, the more it slows down.
My personal issues seem to be the same way. Add one scoop of guilt, and everything comes to a screeching halt. Guilty. Not doing enough around the house. Guilty. Not doing enough to earn money. Guilty. Nagging. Guilty. Not calling people I should. So Guilty. No wonder it has taken so long.
I was even finishing up the whole picture transfer in order to use a coupon for free prints. But it took so long to copy over and put in order the 10K jpegs, that I ran out of time to use the coupon. Time mismanagement. Guilty. Freebee squandering. Guilty.
I know I could be doing better. I suck up power for useless programs, just like my desktop box.
Time to re-evaluate everything.