Tuesday, February 21, 2012

old truck

We sold the truck today. This is the one that I bought from the local Mazda dealership. We had it 13 years. It ran well enough, despite less than optimal care during its last two years with us. Fortunately, a mechanic bought it, as a more efficient pickup for his daily drive. Coincidentally, we bought a more fuel efficient vehicle for dear husband's daily drive. Yay, we both win.
Still, DH took it to heart, losing the truck, because he had grown accustomed to the thing. And I admit, that I missed it this past weekend as well. I hadn't realized how much I relied upon it, until I was contemplating buying a couch, and realized it would not be nearly as easy to cart home in my vehicle, and impossible to take home in the replacement vehicle. It's okay, since I was sick this weekend, there was no couch buying anyway. Still, I did miss the truck's utility if not its daily use.
I was remembering getting that truck stuck in the sand on one, no actually two, of my adventure trips, off-road bike riding, once north and once south of home. The south trip first - I was trying to take a dirt road short cut to a forest road. Well, it wasn't dirt. It was sand and it was DEEP. It hadn't been graded recently, and it hadn't rained in forever. So, rear wheel drive and all, I got nasty stuck. I never would have gotten myself out, even doing that rocking back and forth thing (which is darned difficult in a stick shift, by the way). I tried traction on the floor mats, and everything, and was just about to try to call triple-A (from a nearby pay phone - this was pre-cell), when a local offered to drag me out. I was so grateful, but I am ashamed to admit, that I don't think I thanked him enough. He was country, and I probably treated more like an employee than a saving angel. I was embarrassed because I didn't even have cash to offer him, not that he would have taken it, but I couldn't offer what I didn't have. and I acted totally tongue-tied, and I felt really stupid for getting stuck in the first place, even though an older gent nearby reassured me that it was the county's fault and they should have warning signs, etc, etc. Still, it has haunted me that I had to rely on the generous help of someone else, that I could never repay. And I still worry that I haven't paid off that karmic debt. So in a way, I am glad to be rid of that truck, and that foolishness of mine.