Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally going somewhar this summer

Its been a rough couple o' weeks, and not just for me, for everyone, it seems. But now I am on the eve of a road trip, and other than the nerves, I couldn't be happier. I love driving for miles. I love seeing scenery. I love rest areas, except for that smell that hits you, and its always when you Really have to pee and can't afford to pass this one up. Let's just put it this way, I like walking and running around rest areas. Sure there are nice ones in Florida, but the ones in other states...woah! Exciting! Sometimes they are hilly. They have REAL grass. Unless you're in Wyoming and they have Gravel! I love eating fast food. I love arriving somewhere. I love leaving places and moving on! I love state parks! Picnic-ing, hiking, taking goofy pictures of my daughter in the back seat. I love the conversations you get into. Yes, even with myself. I love having a giant diet soda to sip on all day. I love the DQ and froyo stops. I love cruise control. I love having an alternate route, even when I have to take it because of heavy or stopped traffic. I love seeing what a city has to offer, and picking the very best thing for me. I love the magazines filled with cheap hotel rates that you find at state welcome centers! This trip will take us through many states east of the Mississippi: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and maybe a little New Jersey and DC. Yay, summer! Yay, road trip! Yay, frequent stops! Yay, nephews and nieces! Lucky me!