Friday, May 15, 2009

My baby is six

My dear little girl is a very grown up six, as of yesterday. I am reminded of how far she has come whenever I look at my computer screen-saver and see her little baby face and how much she has changed and grown. B loves to see her baby pictures, and she will sit at the computer with the arrow keys going back and forth between photos of herself.
We went to Magic Kingdom yesterday, since the birthday person can get in free. Then, they get a large button to wear so that everyone knows its their birthday. It was amazing to see how many people had been born on May 14th! Disney sure knows what its doing with this guest promotion. It was hot, but not crazy hot. It rained promptly at 4pm. And it really wasn't too crowded - we never waited more than 20 minutes for a ride. Space Mountain was closed for refurbishing but we rode the other rollercoasters thrice each. I had the worst headache ever on the drive home, but the day was worth the pain. Bri had a great time and she was wished 'Happy Birthday' by every cast member. We ate cheeseburgers twice and ice cream. I was so proud of her because she walked miles and miles in the heat with almost no complaint, didn't even whine about anything, and she knew what she wanted to ride and in what order.
I had to rush back to Gville last night because today was her Kindergarten play, "How does your garden grow?" She had the first speaking lines, and she said them well. She wasn't that much into the singing, but the whole thing was so cute, it was a really great experience. We had cupcakes for her classmates in the afternoon. Of course we bought fairies with her birthday money (the only thing I said 'no' to was the $65 tinkerbell dress).
In some ways, she is still so little, though. Today she said that she was 'almost' a teenager, and I had to tell her she was less than half way there (thank goodness). She is blissfully naive about love and sex and truly does not understand why most stories have a love-interest theme. She dresses with care and modesty by natural inclination. Her favorite play is imagination stories of her own making - she rather resents rules imposed by parents, adults, gravity and other realities. She is brave enough to pet a hissing cockroach if someone else is holding it, but not enough to catch her own lizard. She dearly wants to pet a squirrel, duck, and sparrow, and doesn't understand why she cannot. She can say "DUUUuuuuh" with the best of them, but doesn't perceive that she has learned to read and write this year; that she couldn't do it last year. She is old enough to type a document on the computer about her favorite things! She wants to be so many things when she grows up: a kitty vet, a writer, a home decorator, a nurse, a ballet instructor, a kindergarten teacher.
She is my baby, but not a baby. She is growing, and so fast, too. It is so amazing, this process of growing up. I love seeing it this close up. Motherhood is amazing.