Monday, December 23, 2013

A Letter From Santa Claus to Bri

Dear Bri Bri, First, I want to thank you for believing in me and my reindeer and North Pole home for your whole life. Not everyone believes, and some of your friends may have thrown doubt on you like clods of dirt. Belief is so very important for it is the basis for the truth of Christmas. I do not write this letter to every good girl and boy, and, of course, I do not bother with the naughty ones. Now that you are ten years old, it is time for you to understand more about me and my reasons for doing what I do. No! This is not a letter to tell you it is all false. On the contrary, I am as real as ever, and I am needed more than ever. The truth is is this: I cannot do this job by myself with only a few toy-making elves. I have millions of elves! Millions! But they are not what you think. My elves are everyday people you see. They are teachers, grocery store clerks, bankers, and grandparents. They are older cousins, pastors, girl scout leaders, and McDonald's employees. They are all around you, and every child. Of course I have recruited parents, too! They are the ones that "see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake." They tell me more exactly what you want for Christmas, and usually it is not something I can make in my simple workshop. So I authorize them to shop for me, and of course they leave the gift, drink the milk and eat the cookies left for me. You understand why this has to be so? There are so many children. But each one is important. Each belief is important. My elves are important. Would you please let me recruit you? Will you be one of my elves? Here are some of the duties of my elves: First, that you do not reveal this truth to anyone under the age of ten. It is at this age that a person understands numbers, starts doing the math, and figures out that the old story is perhaps improbable, even impossible. Second, that you keep quiet about your role as an elf. It takes away from the belief and the goodness to brag about how you are "helping." The very best elves tell no one about their good deeds, and leave it a mystery. Third, well, of course, we come to the good deeds. It is up to you! Some elves buy gifts for others and say it is from me. Some elves help the young children make good choices. Some elves keep a nice and naughty list in their heads and try to reward the nice, and even tattle on the naughty, so that they get corrected. Some elves keep the belief alive by telling the old story with such enthusiasm that it would melt the heart of the worst "Scrooge." Some elves help by donating money. Some elves help by donating hugs and encouragement. It is your choice. I believe you will help me, or I wouldn't have written this letter. And so, I leave you with one last gift from me, and my forever thanks. With much love, Santa